Pre-Purchase Survey

Thinking of Buying a boat ?

The first questions to ask yourself are:

  • What kind of boating would I like to do?
  • Do I want to sail, motor, go fishing or go for extended cruises.

Answer these questions and you are half way to making an informed choice.
Ask yourself where, and when you intend to use your new boat.
Different boat designs suit certain locations and use.
Don’t be afraid to seek out advice, boat owners are generally very happy to discuss the pro’s and con’s of different vessel types.

Secondhand boats and Pre-Purchase Survey

If you consider purchasing a secondhand boat it is strongly recommended that you avail of a pre-purchase survey.
Boats can be substantial investments, a pre-purchase survey will confirm that your vessel is fit for purpose and any faults or repairs that may require attention will be noted in the report documentation.  This survey will assess the vessel, and a typed report will outline the findings and make comment on same.

A survey report can then be used for leverage on price if there are repairs to be undertaken or if items of the inventory are missing.

Western Surveyors are happy to guide you through your purchase to include a preliminary visit to the vessel followed by a full assessment of the vessel via a pre-purchase survey.